Cross Border eCommerce

While many eCommerce retailers have found success in their respective domestic markets,  the international market may pose far greater potential. Along with that potential, comes increased complexity and risk. This complexity and risk can be effectively managed if a proper assessment and strategy is agreed before starting cross border expansion activities. “Going International” is not one project but is essentially a project for each country. Ursa Major Associates understands how to set expansion priority based on a number of aspects we term “Friction Factors”.  We can help you set your strategy which will successfully build your cross border business

Localization is more than translating your website or accommodating foreign currency. Localization starts with understanding your expansion market; what products do consumers buy, how are they accustom to paying for online purchases, how are products best merchandised, etc.  Ursa Major Associates considers the end-to-end eCommerce landscape and brings relevant solutions to our clients to ensure cross border success.

Country borders can pose impediments to cross border eCommerce sales. Certain products may restricted from export or import. In other cases, products may be restricted from carriage by air.  While these impediments certainly do not impact most online consumer purchases, they can pose serious problems for eCommerce retailers who may not be aware of the need for compliance. Ursa Major Associate consultants and affiliated resources are experts in regulatory compliance and can help our clients navigate this critical area.

In cross border eCommerce, payment is even a more critical factor in the ability to successfully operate than in the domestic arena.  Not only do common methods of payment vary from the models of which US companies are familiar, but the payment detail is more complex since oftentimes duty and taxes are to be included in the sale price. Sellers must determine whether they display duty and tax amounts in addition to product price; whether they add duty and tax to the transaction amount at check out (DDP-delivered duty paid) or let the consumer worry about duty and tax at destination (DDU-delivered duty unpaid). Ursa Major Associates will help clients navigate these decisions and help identify appropriate payment providers to handle the clients’ needs

Clearly one of the most obvious components of cross border eCommerce is the delivery of the consumer’s order. International shipping can be expensive and/or prone to service failures depending largely on carrier selection and destination.  Ursa Major Associates is well acquainted with a myriad of carriers including the big global players, regional providers, last mile delivery companies and postal operators. We can help clients design a distribution network that works efficiently. And when it comes to returns, we can assist in developing the solutions that meets our clients’ needs given the nature of the product and destinations.