Delivery Dynamics

The delivery landscape continues to  shift largely due to the demands and opportunities created by eCommerce. Carriers, motivated by the huge potential of migrating package traffic into their respective systems, are working with eCommerce retailers to meet, and even create, consumer needs. Ursa Major Associates has deep experience in eCommerce and can help our clients navigate this ever changing environment

Consumer preferences are driving innovation in carrier operations and giving rise to alternative delivery solutions. Delivery, once a generic component of online commerce, is evolving to become the differentiator for online retailers. Ursa Major Associates can help retailers separate the true consumer wants and needs from the market hype enabling eCommerce providers to make the smart decision about delivery options

Driven by this consumer demand, carriers and retailers must identify ways to optimize their delivery operation to both reduce cost and increase consumer convenience.  Understanding the  leverage points in the delivery process is a core competency of Ursa Major Associates. Our decades of experience enable us to design solutions that work and are not derailed by failure to understand the process detail.

In the drive to satisfy consumer needs, eCommerce retailers are using alternative approaches to get the goods to the customer creating what has been termed omni-channel fulfillment.  The goal is to optimize both delivery time and cost while being efficient with inventory management.  Ursa Major Associates understands the service/cost balance and can provide solutions that suit our clients needs.