Digital Transformation of Mail

Much of the current industry conversation assumes that disruptive digital technologies are bad for mail, the postal system, and many in the industry. Ursa Major does not share this view. Technology has enabled impressive performance improvement and productivity in postal and industry operating systems, but the installed base of equipment is aging and the opportunities for improvement are significant. We can help clients think through the implications of robotics, machine-to-machine communications (the “Internet of Things”), the emerging power of data analytics applied to mail and packages, and the increasing power of consumers through social media and automated feedback loops.

The purpose of the postal system is more than just delivering a package or a piece of mail to a mailbox. Mail links businesses and consumers in a unique and powerful way, but the future will require new business processes, models and strategies. Ursa Major is focused on seeing how the whole system in connected and works together to create new value. We intend to help clients develop new perspectives and new measures of strategic performance that more accurately shape effective market results.

The industry needs to think more about what the postal system and its partners are hired to do for businesses and consumers. Ursa Major brings a perspective grounded in industry research that focuses on the important tasks a business or a household use the mail for. Understanding the business and consumer segments, in each of the different markets served by the industry, can provide the foundation for new products and services that will increase the value of mail to customers.

Mail is the content delivered by the postal channel. Improvements in the channel are insufficient without corresponding improvements in the content. Whether those applications are bar code modifications, QR codes, augmented reality, or some future applications, mail can be made more relevant and entertaining. Mail can be more effectively linked with social media and other channels to create more effective multi-channel campaigns. Ursa Major has extensive experience is tracking and evaluating these developments which will help determine the future of mail as a business tool.