Our Services

Ursa Major Associates offers a spectrum of services in our Key Areas of Focus.  We can research markets and opportunities, develop strategies, build business and marketing plans, develop products and services, design processes and procedures and implement them. Our role can be to advise, review, collaborate, or execute as our clients deem appropriate.


bigstock-Background-concept-wordcloud-300x200Strategy Development

Our basic approach to discovery begins by surveying our client’s overall business environment. We scan the client’s market position from a“Google Earth”   point of view . We observe our client’s position in its domain relative to its known competition and other threats, obstacles and hazards. We consider regulatory barriers as well as technological gaps, encroaching new product substitutes and entirely new classes of competitive forces. We explore markets from a perspective that is unavailable to clients themselves. We examine the whole before analyzing details, and often discover opportunities in entirely new fields.

Discovery often comes about during our standard Value Chain examination and analysis where-in we may observe missing links as vulnerabilities and/or opportunities .We typically construct and lay out our client’s value chain along those of its competitors to illustrate gaps and weaknesses that must be corrected

With this disciplined approach, we examine external market forces before considering customer value proposition, competitive differentiation, strategic market positioning and business modeling. We help our clients identify and understand problems, recognize trends, evaluate opportunities, devise winning strategies and execute plans designed to drive profitable growth.



Good public policy and business decisions depend on accurate data and timely insight that leads to successful action. The postal, mailing and shipping industry is large, complex and highly fragmented. It often operates as loosely connected “decision silos” built around industry or functional segments without the relevant context of the strategic impact of trends elsewhere in the ecosystem. Ours is an industry where tradition still weighs heavily on decision making, but our business environment is changing so past trends do not necessarily predict the future.

Ursa Major’s approach is to scan the broader environment to aggregate available data and provide concise, timely analysis to our clients.  We plan to format data across industry and functional siloes into a convenient source of actionable information. We will focus on identifying important gaps and seeking ways of providing fresh insight, often pulling in information from outside normal industry sources. We will collaborate with others in focusing on specific topics while our extensive and expanding contacts throughout and beyond the industry will provide a unique capability to source expert opinion through interviews and other approaches. Our research goal is to create credible, data-based scenarios that provide vision of future opportunities for the industry.


bigstock-Business-plan-300x200Business Roadmap Implementation

Your company may have a defined strategy, but business operations are not yet in strategic alignment. Ursa Major Associates offers a network of global experts in logistics, transportation, ecommerce, and trade services, as well as experienced leaders in project management, process design, product development and change management who can collaborate with your team to design and implement solutions for your business.  We have the insight and capability to help you move your organization forward successfully.

While we can implement projects focused on strategic alignment, we have seasoned operations expertise that can plan and implement redesigned processes and procedures to deliver tactical improvements to your business as well.


bigstock-World-Business-Meeting-with-Gr-300x218Business Development

Once a client’s strategy is defined and it knows where it wants to go, it still may need help in opening doors to prospective customers, partners and vendors. Ursa Major’s experience and network of contacts is vast and deep and we can help our clients establish relationships, negotiate deals and grow their businesses.






Three Office Workers Working In BoardroomExpert Review

Occasionally, companies have existing decisions or plans and seek to review the proposed direction to confirm the validity of decisions taken or to reveal possible pitfalls so that plans may be corrected before moving ahead.  .  Ursa Major Associates has the qualified resources to provide such evaluations for our clients.  We have assisted private equity firms, start-ups as well as major corporations with such reviews.

Depending on the nature of the project or decision, Expert Reviews can be handled quickly and efficiently and may provide the assurance to move your business ahead successfully.




bigstock-Urgent-Advice-Problem-Solving-300x181“Advice by the Slice”

The business world is changing and so should consulting.  Ursa Major Associates global network of experts is available to act quickly for a reasonable price.  Occasionally, information or insight is needed but budget, timing or scope does not warrant a full consulting engagement.  This is where “Advice by the Slice” can be the solution.

Selected Ursa Major Associate experts can be booked online to provide information or insight into your current situation or selected issues. Check the Ursa Team page to see a full bio. Once you find the Ursa Major Expert  just contact us and we will set up an appointment.